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High-functional LED Convergence Specialist LEO


CEO Greeting

A Company growing as a global leader

LEO Co., LTD established with LED Converagence Technology in 2013.

LEO Co., LTD Manufacture LED Lighting, Display Device, LED Lead-ing Lighting, Streetlight, Traffic/Exit Light, Sign-board, Solar-LED Package Lighting.

Our LED Pursue Eco-friendly, High Efficiency, Long Life-time Product. For that, It is necessary Correct Product-Design, Use the Assured Parts, Servere Inspection of Final Product. We have Many Kinds of Certificate and Patent of LED & Display Technology. Among them Glass Etching Technology is Clearly #1 in the world. Base on that, We can manufacture High-functional Cover Glass in large Quantities. Anymore LEO Co., LTD launch High Performance Leading (Exit/Parking) applied Nonflamma-ble Ptars.

We will Consistently make Customer with Joy&Happiness in LED Special Product.

Best Gefards.

CEOAndrew Eu