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High-functional LED Convergence Specialist LEO


Company History

We make the development history


  • 07. Nominated Innovative Product by Ministry of Public Procurement Service (Non-flammable LED Leading Light, LED Signs)
  • 03. Registered Patent (No.10-1719467:Functional Coating Material changeable Reflection & Brightness)


  • 12. LED light, LED guidance light and LED hanging board exported to the Philippines and Japan
  • 11. Patented (No.10-1680606: Lighting cover glass-manufacturing method)
  • 05. LED fire-extinguishing guide lamp developed and performance approved; LED fire-extinguishing safety guide lamp developed
  • 01. Bio-LED lamp for plant factory developed and distributed; mass production initiated (Rural Development Administration)


  • 12. High-efficiency and power power-saving LED destination signboards installed at bus stops (Cheongju-si)
  • 11. Mass production for new technology-applied high-efficiency, high power-saving and long-life LED parking guide lamps/signage initiated
  • 07. Government-led R&D technology development program carried out: High-efficiency and high power-saving LED hanging board developed
  • 06. Large-area, high-luminance flood lights for factory and military units developed and mass production initiated
  • 01. LEO R&D institute established and approved


  • 08. Semiconductor, display and photovoltaic parts processed and repaired (environmentally-friendly engineering methods)
  • 05. Photovoltaic LED, landscape light, signpost and information sign developed and mass production initiated and distributed
  • 01. Venture Business Certification (No. 20140400013)


  • 10. LED lights for home, factory and commercial uses developed
  • 09. Assembly line for facilities designed to slim tempered glass in large volumes and LED convergence products prepared
  • 08. Internationally patented (No.10-1153325:LED circuit etching method using a functional film)
  • 07. LEO CO., LTD. established