Have the 'True LED Lighting'
Enjoy the 'Long Lifetime'
High-functional LED Convergence Specialist LEO


LEO DID System

What makes LEO LED lights special

  • - Products designed to be available under diverse features and environments
  • - Available in poor operating environments such as underground parking garages, tunnels and roads with advanced water-proof technology
  • - The innovative LED lights made with the newest technology promise high efficiency, high power savings and a long life
  • - Differentiated technology such as vibration-proof products and nonflammable guidance lamps
  • - Fast and safe installation by a master engineer
  • - Secure and reliable warranty service
  • - Extensive knowhow and advanced technology accumulated through diverse LED light projects
  • - Innovative design and finest quality

LED Light Solution

In homes, offices and industrial spaces, lighting has a considerable effect on productivity and employee health and vigor. Favorable environments with effective lighting reinforce a healty image and increase facility values at all times.

LEO's light system thoroughly manages light in facilities through power control and helps employees fulfill their duties in a safe and efficient manner under optimum light intensity. With the careful control of lighting facilities and interfration with general control system, we simplify activities at work and save energy at the same time, ensuring employee satisfaction.

Features and advantages of LED lights

Low power
  • ㆍOne tenth of incandescent lamp(reduced by 90%)
  • ㆍOne third of fluorescent lamp(reduced by 60%)
(30,000-50,000 hours)
  • ㆍ6 times longer than discharge lamp
  • ㆍ5 times longer than fluorescent lamp
  • ㆍLead-, mercury- and cadmium- free, low carbon
  • ㆍImprovement of the eco-friendly image
  • ㆍQuick response, great impact resistance
  • ㆍHigh concentration, comfort
  • ㆍImprovement of visual environment, prevention of vision loss

Have the 'True LED Lighting' Enjoy the 'Long Lifetime' High-functional LED Convergence Specialist LEO

LED System